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March 2023 : Verified Trades / Monthly Recap

March was yet another slow month for me. Was only able to execute 10 trades this month, due to added leadership responsibilities at my day job for 20+ people on top of what I already have. Going to focus on trying to manage my time better going into the future.

The Total profits for the month for only 10 trades was : $2,147.94. Most of that came in the last couple weeks off of small little scalp plays where I was in and out in a couple minutes. As well as being more disciplined, and trying to not force anything.

The real purpose of this site is to not only hold myself accountable, but planning for the eventuality in a couple years where I’m in a position to really help people. Help people by creating and developing an Educational MasterClass style video course so the everyday person can understand and replicate what I am doing for themselves. While at the same time, Being one of only a handful of people in the whole finance industry that is fully transparent and honest and has a genuine desire to help the everyday family work from home and make money and change lives.

Going forward into April, I am going try to keep the momentum going. Although I am always grateful for any sort of profits that I make, I Really need to break out of this only $2000 a month profit hole that I am in right now over these last two months. Short term goal is to be making $2000 a day like I was in 2019, and then continuously scale as the years go on. 3 to 4 year goal is to be effectively retired from my day job and able to work for myself and help people.

All other trades will be able to view at :

As well as :

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