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April 2023 : Verified Trades / Monthly Recap

April was probably one of the slowest months I have ever had. So much distractions outside of trading that I need to get under control going into May.

Traded a total of only 4 trades for the entire month of April for a total profit of $565.28. Absolutely pathetic on my part, but I am grateful and blessed In the end that I am able to close out the month in the green. I know a bunch of traders blew up their whole accounts and lost everything on $TOP. That went from $7 and ran all the way up to a high of $256. Absolutely insane and I completely missed it being distracted with my day job.

Going forward into the Month of May, I am extremely excited because I will be starting to implement my brand new original pattern that I have been testing behind the scenes. If all goes well, this will allow me to trade much more often while at the same time allow me to focus on my day job. More to come on that.

All other trades will be able to view at :

As well as :

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