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03/22/2023 : $CVNA Win (Etrade Account)

This month has still been really slow for me. Was only able to execute two trades this week, due to added leadership responsibilities at my day job for 20+ people on top of what I already have. Going to focus on trying to manage my time better going into the future.

This play in a way falls under my : Pre Market Gainers - Red Pattern. Was looking to short this play way earlier than I did, but my gut was telling me that it was going to bounce. Gut was right, and the stock ended up bouncing, and I shorted the secondary breakdown later in the day when it finally came back down to my level.

Shorted 2500 shares at 8.97

Covered 2500 shares at 8.6999

Total Profit for this Trade was : $675.25

All other trades will be able to view at :

As well as :

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