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03/16/2023 : $BIVI Win (Etrade Account)

This month has been really slow for me. Was only able to execute one trade this week, due to added leadership responsibilities at my day job for 20+ people on top of what I already have. Going to focus on trying to manage my time better going into the future.

This play in a way falls under my : Midday - Breakdown Pattern. However, With the low volume, and the way the market has been reacting lately, I decided to do a rare Buy instead of shorting. Hunch was right as it bounced perfectly right off of support and tried to retest the next big resistance point (Marked by white line) and failed.

Bought 2000 shares at $10.19

Sold 2000 shares at $10.517

Total Profit for trade was : $654.80

All other trades will be able to view at :

As well as :

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